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Garage Door Maintenance

wood carriage garage door

Like any device with moving parts, your garage door needs regular maintenance… something many people rarely stop to consider. Plus, regular garage door maintenance can save you plenty in repair or replacement down the line. However, it's important to note that attempting to "do it yourself" can result in serious injury. So, it's wise to schedule a checkup with Spring King. We are a professional garage door repair shop... we have the tools and the training to perform this work safely.

Our Maintenance Checklist:

  • Vibration loosens nuts, so we check them first. We will make sure the door is in the right position, and then we will tighten the nuts or replace them with the right size and type.
  • We also inspect the hinges to be sure they are positioned correctly over the joints between door panels.
  • Next, we examine the tracks. We make sure they are bolted securely and have no obstacles.
  • We will check that there is at least an inch of clearance between the door and the track to allow for door movement.
  • The rollers are important, too. These are the wheels that move the door on the track and the shaft attached to them. We will move the door up and down to observe the movement of the wheels. They should move smoothly, without binding or sticking at any point. If needed, we can replace rollers that appear damaged.
  • Pulleys get more wear than any other part of the assembly. We will check that the pulleys feed smoothly, and we can replace them if needed.
  • We examine every part for rust. Rust can weaken the moving parts and can result in a snapped cable or damage to the assembly.
  • Of course, we also check the springs. This is the most dangerous part of maintenance, because the tension in the spring can cause serious injury if you are not trained properly. Only professionals like Spring King should attempt to repair the springs.

In the Long Run

Garage door maintenance can save you big money in the long run, but repairs on moving objects is tricky. If a visual inspection reveals the need for repair, or if it's been years since your last inspection, please call Spring King to schedule an appointment. Like cars, garage doors need regular maintenance. Call your professional Spring King representative for a checkup and prevent unexpected problems in the future.